What are the typical house foundation problems in Houston and how to repair them?


 Building a foundation for your treasured house is of vital importance. Without a strong foundation, your house will be susceptible to collapses, failures and other easily-avoidable catastrophes. So what are the main house foundation problems one can encounter? We take a better insight into them and how you can get foundation repair.

What are the main foundations a house can sit on top of?

Poured concrete foundation:

This is the most common type of foundation in the USA. The concrete slab sits on a bed of crushed or small gravel. This is beneficial for water drainage and good for temperate climates. The main foundation problems with poured concrete are cracks, bulges and curves within the slab. For a foundation repair in Houston, you should look towards a Foundation repair company who can give you a quotation and help recommend best practices.

Frost protected foundation:

This is specially designed for colder climates. It can withstand cold harsh winters and so will not crack under pressure.

Wooden foundation

This is more convenient to build and cheaper than poured concrete. It is also resistant to earthquake prone areas like the Bay Area. Common problems and foundation repair work tend to concentrate around rot and mould that can attack untreated wood.

Raised foundation

This type of foundation is for coastal areas, mostly supporting homes and houses on the edge of a cliff or coast. These kinds of foundations can resist mould and decay, and are strong enough to hold up a house, if not several. The kid of problems could be unexpected storms or tidal waves that would wash the foundations away. A Houston foundation repair company can advise Here.

Foundation problems

The kinds of problems that might occur during the lifetime of your house could be, but not limited to: decay, poor soil, shifting of soil underneath the foundation, and not enough depth created for the foundation.

Telltale signs of foundation problems

You can usually tell if there’s a weakness to the foundation:

  • A door or window that previously could open and close easily can no longer.
  • Cracks appear inside the house, especially over any openings like doorways, windows and arches.
  • Cracks appear on vinyl, ceramic or stone tiles which were laid on the concrete floor or foundation.

How to avoid foundation repairs?

Here are a few tips as to how you can avoid or make foundation repair these problems

  • You check outside to see if the foundation is standing straight. Any bulges, cracks or curve indicates the foundation has shifted or moved and is no longer stable
  • You should test the concrete by using a sturdy tool like a screwdriver or spanner to lightly poke the foundation in several places. It should not be even possible to make a scratch. If it crumbles, it is a sign of deterioration.
  • Check the other parts of the foundation like wooden beams to see if any mould/decay has affected it.


A foundation is fundamental to building anything on top, whether it’s a livelihood, a family, or your home. In the case of your home, you want to see if you’ve chosen the right foundation for the climate and area you’re living in. You also should check that your foundation has been built correctly and safely, so you don’t have to find foundation repairs in Houston: http://structuredfoundationrepairshouston.com/.

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