Top 5 most common residential plumbing emergencies in Seattle

Emergency plumbing in Seattle is quite common. Just like in every other city all over the world, residential plumbing emergencies happen often. No matter how hard you are trying, one way or another you will have one of these top 5 most common residential plumbing emergencies in Seattle:

Blocked drains

Blocked drainsThis is probably the most common emergency plumbing in Seattle. Because, we don’t double check what we are putting through our drains. We don’t realize that drains are there just for water, and not for little pieces of food or other materials. If you are not careful in what you are doing with your drains, you will end up with a blocked more information on unclogging drains

Burst pipes

Burst pipesYou don’t know how serious a plumbing emergency can gets until you had a burst pipe. This is also common in having water pipes that burst, leaving you with water everywhere. This is when you will find an emergency plumber in Seattle, fast. Having a pipe that burst, you can have lots of damage in your home, if you don’t act fast. And the best way is to call an emergency plumber to come and fix the burst pipe as soon as possible.

Frozen pipes

Frozen pipesIn the winter months in Seattle, there are lots of frozen pipes that require the service of emergency plumbers in Seattle. It is not pleasant to stand up in the morning, wanting a delicious, warm cup of coffee, just to find that the pipes are frozen hard. All that you can do is to call for the emergency plumbers and wait for them to come and fix the pipes.Click here for DIY for Frozen pipes solution

Leaking plumbing equipment

Leaking plumbing equipmentPlumbing equipment will leak water sometime. Especially the toilet and the water heaters. If you have a leak in your plumbing equipment, it is safer to call for emergency plumbers in Seattle to come and check the equipment and to fix any leakage. This is common to have some problems with your plumbing equipment and if you aren’t a handyman, it is rather safer to call for help with the fixing of your plumbing equipment. You don’t want more problems with the equipment if you break the equipment further instead of fixing it.

Gas leaks

Gas leaksHaving gas leaks is just as common, but can also be very dangerous. If you are smelling gas in your home, you must be very careful and you must call for an emergency plumber in Seattle as fast as possible. Gas leaks are very dangerous. It can cause deaths or even house fires. Plumbers are specialized to fix any gas leaks in your plumbing, and gas leaks are not a problem that you can try to fix yourself.

It is quite common to have plumbing emergencies. With these top 5 most common plumbing emergencies you just can’t think to do it yourself, if you are not a trained plumber. These top 5 common plumbing emergencies can turn into disasters if you don’t call for an emergency plumber in Seattle to come and fix the problem.

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