Every aspect of your home relies on your home’s foundation for support and stability. If something is wrong with your foundation, you may notice indications around your home, some more obvious than others. Foundation failure is a significant problem on its own ,which if left unaddressed can lead to much bigger repairs along the line.  The bezt way to circumvent these unnecessary lump sum expenses is to be vigilant to identify the early manifestations of these foundation damages and nipping them in the bud before they escalate.


Foundation damage is a gradual process that grows slowly but steadily, sometimes noticed by a probing eye. Most foundation issues begin with the soil under and surrounding the home. The building’s foundation is prone  to environmental stress. Continual expanding and shrinking of the soil, excessive moisture content and inadequate drainage are some of the most common threats to numerous home foundations in Texas.  Over time, environmental stress can cause the foundation to shift, crack or settle unevenly.

Also, poor soil compaction by the initial builder can lead to foundation damages early in the life of the building while under slab leaks may be blamed for foundation damages in relatively older homes because the iron or concrete  pipes have outlived their better days.


Most times, the signs indicating foundation damages are very obvious but sometimes signs of foundation problems are not immediately associated with foundation damage and go unnoticed by the untrained eye. This underlines the need to consult an experienced eye to substantiate this signs. Check here.


Interior  signs like cracks in the walls; hairline fractures , sloping of foundations and sagging of foundation floors must not be taken lightly when noticed.  The signs of foundation damage are also noticed in upper levels of the house like warped ceilings and exposed gaps between the crown moulding and the ceiling.  Notable interior signs include sticking windows and doors that seem crooked. The signs are indicative of foundations that are shouting for foundation repair.


Exterior signs will include cracks which run zigzag diagonally on exterior walls, tiles and concrete floor cracks, bowed basement walls, roof leaks and slanting chimneys . Puddles and other signs of moisture in a crawl space may indicate poor drainage around the perimeter foundation which forms a waterpool that can seriously put a dent on the integrity of the foundation. Patios are not left out too as they are usually pulled away from the main buildings when damage sets in ferociously. In instances where these signs are noticed, calling on Houston foundation repair would be the wisest thing to do.


Foundation repairs may pose a great challenge to home owners who ignore tell tale signs of foundation damages. These are resulting from poor water drainage often causing water to collect under the house and responsible for swelling of woodwork withim the home. A few times, these signs may not be pointing at foundation repairs but calling for professional assistance shouldn’t be overlooked, it’s better being careful than remorseful. Click here for more information:

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